A real friend would forgive

If I did something wrong

A real friend will lend a hand

Whenever I'm not strong

A real friend would listen

If I tried to speak

A real friend will accept

Whether I am strong or weak

A real friend would care

If I ever fell ill

A real friend will know

How I really feel

A real friend would always be there

If I need them by my side

A real friend will remember me

Long after I have died

A real friend would be forever

If I even moved away

A real friend will never truly leave

In each other's hearts we shall always stay

13 Replies

  • thats really a lovely verse and is very apt for me and my 2 best friends love to you diddle xxxx

  • Thankyou Diddle x x x x

  • Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • You too Chris, not long till your hols !!


    Sue xxxx

  • Chris, I am flying to Philladelphia in June for my Nephews Graduation I will be on my own as my hubby can't get time off, and i am beginning to wonder if I am doing the right thing......agh x x x x x

  • Aww soulsusie, thats really lovely, thankyou for shareing, big gentle hugs and loadsa love xxxx

  • Thankyou Jackie,

    Love and hugs x x x x

  • That is lovely soulsuzie, thankyou for sharing. It put a smile on my face. :)

    hugs, kel xxx

  • Thanks Kel,

    Soft hugs x x x x

  • Thankyou Jay jay and Kel

    Love and hugs x x x x x x

  • that was so nice... just wish the friends i used to have were real friends.. and i could have given them this poem... thanks xx

  • You are welcome.


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