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I have just eaten a yogurt it could have been a pot of mud i have no taste or smell at the minuite and my nose is so blocked as soon as i blow it it refills itself so no point really (sorry if you eating your tea )

i am now going as my partner coming soon and i want to call my friends on the phone so will love and leave you all and will be back very late or ealy hours or if i go to bed and fall straight asleep will be back in the morning love to you diddle xxxx

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Hi Diddle, bless you hunni. Hope your nose clears soon. Enjoy your eve. Hug & love to you. Helen xx


Aw Hope you feel better soon x

Try my cure all, get a lemon 1inch ginger and as much honey as you want, roll the lemon, cut in half and sqeeze juice into a container (I have a french press) then chop the rest into bits and add, grate or small chop ginger and put into the container with the honey and steep for 10-15 mins. it keeps for 3 days just half a cup topped up with hot water and colds dont stay for long, my friends and family ask for it when there poorly. x


oh thankyou for your remedy i may try that in a day or two if still hanging around love diddle x


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