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Today i went over to see my daughter /son in law and 2 gorgeous little Grandsons ilove those little boys more than life itself if ever i feel in pain or low the sound of their little voices on the phone saying Nanny will light up my day or their little innocent smiles just to see them and think they have got their whole lif in front of them and woondering what they wil become in their lives

when you see children they look at you and treat you so innocently and honestly to them i am and always will be Nanny it doesnt matter if i have got 2 heads or six legs they will always love me for who i am

it is a shame that we dont react to other adults the same we are all guilty of judging people and looking through the person they really are

o well now sitting on sofa and eating a frozen yougurt they are lush just like ice cream and healthier too

love diddle x

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Hi Diddle

love your posting , as for the yougurt frozen at that my teeth would chatter all night long lol have a good night sweet .



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