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so tired

hi all havent bin on for a week ive been so tired and in pain and hen to top it of ive got me lady problems but good news on that ive final got day for my op its late in june then at least that will be one problem sorted im of to doctors tomorow evening ive made a double appointment to see a new doctor he,s young and seams ok but im hoping he will be better than the last one who just keeps trying the same old tables most of which i cant take. still on a possative note our first big family bbq this year is taking place on the 12th fibro day ive got over 40 people coming and they all going home with a little bag of fibro goodies and a slice of annivesary cake,

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bless you the bar b q sounds great you will have a lovely day and am sure the sun will shine love to you diddle x


Hi Tracy, good luck with drs tomor. Where did you get your fibro bits from hun? Plz you got the date for the op. Have a great bq. hug & love to you. Helen xxx


just little bits of info i ve made ino cards and laminated and then i bought a load of purple ribbon and made braclets well i tied a knot in hem lol its cheaper than buying the fibro stuff but its just somthing that expalins fibro and the butterfly cards were pretty when they were laminated its going to be lovely and sunny ive told the rain to go away for the day lol


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