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what is it with this weather???

i looked out of the window today, and for a minute i had to think what month we were in ( thats nothing unusal for me to forget lol) but i really thought it was about november.... its pouring of rain, very dull and all day it felt like about 10pm..

where is our sun.... where is our nice hot weather to stop our pain feeling as bad and, to lift our moods..

Is it just scotland or is everywhere is like today xx

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I think everywhere esle is the same at the moment Diane.

I said we'd pay for that lovely weather we had a few weeks ago :( It's supposed to be the same over the weekend too - in my area anyway - so when is it going to be Spring??

A bit of sunshine does lift our mood and stops the pain being so bad - if we're lucky. Still, we are in the UK.......

Sue xx


hi i know it has been relly windy all day but the sky has gone from black and rain to brillaint blue and sushine lol i have been dodging them all day so my little doggy dont gey wet bles him love to you diddle x


I did want to do some gardening today but because of the weather was unable to do so


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