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I have been sitting i my lounge this afternoonthink the drive to my daughters has took it out of me it is hour round trip not long i kow but it is when you got fibro lol!!!

my hips have seized up and have got like shooting pains in them i feel quite ill actually it is not like me to feel ill i know i got fibro but i feel ill i thik on top of that oh well the pain has also gone down to my knees they are hurtig too

oh dear listen to me this is not the sort of blog you all want we all need lifting up not bringing down

well on the up side on way to daughters ipopped ito the large poundland which is on route and low and behold they had new stock of carrot cake in so i decided i had better stock up on 4 of them to see me through the weekend !!!? then when i got home i thought i would try a slice (just to make sure it was ok ) well thats my excuse anyway

so it looks like carrot cake is in favour again :)

love diddle x carrtin

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aw i dont like when ur in pain diddle..hugs.... but i do like the poundland carrot cake lol.... my sister brought me some last week, it was mmmmmmmmmm.... so eat ur cake along with ur pain killers,, and i will pray this works for u.... happy eating xxx


I was looking at the blogs, and thought i would read yours Diddle, because my hips are killing me today aso, so i know how your feeling, bless :(

But the big suprise was, i went into town this morning and popped into poundland, and i saw the carrot cake! well, i have read about your carrot cake before, but didnt know where to get any, lol

Long and short of it, i bought some carrot cake only because you had made it sound so good! and it was, with a nice cuppa, so thanks for that,

love and hugs.xx


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