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Morning everyone new here, yes im a sufferer, lost my partner, job, pension life, like everyone else who suffers with this condition, Worked all my life first time I have ever claimed benefits and raised 4 kids, got ill health retired by ATOS (Plastics Doctors) my claim has been on pre board check since 1st December 2011. What a joke these people are make me feel like a benefit scrounger,

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hi and goodmorning and a very warm welcomre to the site i am sorry to hear you have lost all of the stuf you mentioned is it due to your illness ? bless you it is a shame that somepartners cant seem to cope withit but we jus have too dont we it is a horiblre illness i have a partner of 8 years but we dont live together but we are really like brother and sister he comes every night we it watch tv and goes home i am so fidhety in bed i toss turn dont sleep, you know how it is so not worth him staying we going away to london end of may 1st time we been in bed togehter since dec so i dont know how we will gwt on but he has been fantastic he never says anything bless him and tries to understand

anyway enough of that i hope that you find alot of help and advice on here i am sure you will i have made so many friends on here they are like family now we all have a laugh a moan theres tears although we cant see them and laso there are rants if you so wish jus go for it whatevr you are feeling i hope to chat to you again love to you diddle x


Morning Diddle , yes all due to illness, fibro me osteoarthritis, the list is now long and endless, 7 operations for different things in 7 years, worn down and worn out, However my concern is the way we are treated by the benefits people, they treat people like us we are scroungers and make feel even worse because we cannot work. I cannot remember when or ever been treated so badly by a government department. :( xxx


i was made to feel that it all in my head....roughly in a week i have 3 good days and they expect me to work on theses day...i wish i could go out and work...when i did work i made my self so ill the doctor advised me to give up....we just can't say we'll work on theses days as you don't know if your gonna be fit enough...

am waiting for my appeal to go through...i got to go again and explain why i think am not fit enough to one big joke...


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