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Had my medical for moving to ESA from Incapacity Benefit :-(


Well the lady seemed very nice but who knows what will happen, my husband is loosing his ESA (bad back, due another surgery very soon) end of this month, what are we supposed to live on !!! No wonder my nerves are shot. But it's not just me thousands are been affected and the vunerable get more vunerable, what I'd like to see is more help on the NHS so I could get back to work and support ourselves.

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I had my medical for esa and the lady was very nice, when the result came back she had literaly changed all my answers. I went straight to the cab who are actually inundated with people who are ill and are getting struck off esa .i really hope all goes well for you xx

deerobert in reply to marydoll

Hi i had exactly the same thing done to me, although the assessor was not really that nice, i told her everything that was affecting me and when i read the report the answers were the compete opposite..

I am appealing against the decision only lord knows how long i will have to wait, i haven't even had the forms yet, and it has been 2 months now,

They said i needed to have 15 points to to qualify for ESA I got 0 :(

my doctor says i am not fit to work and is providing me with sick certificates so i can at least get the basic esa until the appeal.

The system really stinks it does.

Hope you get things sorted soon

Love Dee xxx

BlueBunny in reply to marydoll

Thx for your reply, up till now I've been lucky and I've had honest assessors but its a bit of a gamble, i'm sure there paid by the refusal !!! Time will tell and least i'm not alone and I now have others to speak too x


hi how awful to change answers i am worn outnow so goodnight love to you diddle x

Hi my husband who has fibro was told last june he was fit for work after scoring 0 points but he cant even walkj 50 metres without having to rest he cant wash dress or do his toilet needs by himself and the woman who did the medical also changed his answers so we appealed and finally nearly 12 months later he has the tribunal in may cos they are not budging on their decision but luckily we recorded the interview and we have now put in in a transcript and our CAB rep has sent it to the tribunal service cos it contradicts everything she said in the report , she wants re training and did u know for every person they send back to work they get £70 . i bet its the same woman.

Thanks for all your replies, lets hope I get an honest assessor !?! :-(

Good for you judrop. Did they make any objections to you recording your assessment? Thats the first way of dropping themselves in it,isnt it.Coz they make a habit of reversing answers given to them by us.Me included. I was just going to ask if the assessments are recorded (by them). But I expect the recordings would mysteriously "Go missing" like the mountain of important paperwork we send them. Funny how that keeps happening in their favour, isnt it??!!!! Well done you.


i really cannot believe they get paid for this, and that they would change answers, i have to go again in 6 months time i will for sure be taking something to record the interview, i am totally stunned . I feel for those who have had problems i know it does not help but i really do feel for you . I live alone and have many medical problems God only knows what i would do if they refused my claim. Why i we always having to worry about this Fibro is made worse by stress , they just do not get it do they! :-(

you do not have to tell them you are recording it because its your medical and you are entitled to do this.

Thank you for taking the time to add a comment, in some ways I wonder if loosing the benifit might be better, I feel a lot of guilt when I have a better day and wonder if they way the system is set up has a negative effect on how we recover, I would rather the money (ESA) was invested in nutritionlist and osteopath and support me in a job that is able to cater for my needs so I can regain my confidence and contribute to society !!!

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