getting fed uppppp!!!

ok so the other day i got my test results back and i did a research with the gobbledygook that was on there and it looks like i might have lupus? the trouble is ive waited over a month and now have to wait for the 27th to see my doctor for validation , im so fed up like you all proberbly and for the past week been really tierd beyond belief and pains where and when they feel like presenting themselves! im pretty scared too more so if he says theres nothing on here! that means its in my head! sorry for the moan

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  • ah thankyou i hope you ahve a lovely weekend many hugs back xxx

  • Its horrible to feel so rough all the time but hope you feel better soon Fairytails. Love Angela xx

  • you poor thing i really do feel for you you just take it easy and lets hope you are feeling better soon you dont deserve all thiss love diddle x

  • thanks lynn im hoping to god your ifs are right xx

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