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Good Day!!

Well i didnt get my sleep i needed as had to visit neighbour cos her grandson wanted to see me (18mths old but loves me to bits lol) and had a lot of backpain and another pain today (to do with IBS) but despite this and taken all of my meds today (no let up at all as needed all of them, including inhaler today) I feel I had a stress free day (except for the pain obviously).

So that was good. Now I am going to try (please please let me!) to sleep.

Hopefully no nightmares about my family or pain to keep me awake. I have a lot of walking to try to do tomorrow.

Good nite all, sleep well if possible. See ya all tomorrow.


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hope you have a lovely sleep , :)

sending you good carma :)

tc xxxx


hi i hope that you get some sleep i really do i am like an owl again lol but will go to gp next week as lynne and christine hav e asked me too they seem quite comcerned about my sleep or lack of it so will do as they ask love to you diddle x


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