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Brick wall anyone????

Big mistake - decided to ring Virgin because our new box cuts out each time we us i player. It took -30 mins with some guy telling me to fiddle about with telly before he decided that next time it goes wrong I am to phone them up to tell them which programme wouldn't work!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I foolishly decided to mention that our virgin router doesn't seem to work in certain areas of the house but of course that's a different department!!! I pointed out that this call was peak rate so he called me back and told me he was putting me through to the relevant department, but even he couldn't get through!! So 20 mins later I am listening to canned music whilst waiting to speak to someone.

The nearest brick wall is going to have my head banged against it several times and then I think I will go and make a cup of tea.

I HATE these companies.


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I've heard similar reports about Virgin Caroline. Drives you MAD doesn't it!

Sue x


They're all the same.....TalkTalk, BT, Sky......all terrible! Then you have to try and understand the accents! x


oh dear it is annoying isnt it when you get through to someone and you dont get anywhere i am with sky for tv and orange for my house phone and internet occasionally you have to call them i didnt know they had a disabled line to cs though ? so how do i ask about this then do you just call them and say i am disabled ? but do they ask for proof all i have is my blue badge and my rheumy letter saying i have fibro ?

anyone know what to do ? thankyou love diddle s x


ohhh caroline I am caroline too aren't we lovely ladies hahaahah..

Virging dont do virgin, been there after 1st using NTL or was it other way round lol..hmm ohhh well constant constant issues.. i have had my house re bricked so i have double walls and they put me a false router in and pretended they drilled through..ohhh virgin no more i am with plusnet i have too been with sky but my monthly bills kept rising so sky high! pardon pun heheeh .. Goodluck with them xxxxxx


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