waiting for esa

I am on the basic esa and ive already gone past the 13th week and heard nothing someone i know said they had a backlog of upto 2 months, i cant get any answer on the phone lines, rang jobcentre and they said just to keep trying anyone else had problems hugs to all xx

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  • My first day of ESA was 17th OCT 2011, and I have just had my medical assesment on 17th this month. Sorry not very good with math but pretty sure it was waaayy past 13 wks. I finally rang Atos the company that do the assessing and got the appointment.Hope this helps.

  • Thank you blimey that is a long wait, i was beginning to think they had forgotten me thanks again x

  • hi hun mine was 15 march an ive not heard nowt about mine nether all i dread waiting for that brown enverlope coming through the door an saying you aint got it again ,im dreading it i have no luck at all .thanks tracey.

  • Hi Tracey it wouldnt be so bad if they let you know if there is a delay as you say dread the postman but every brown envelope that comes now just says your new sick note is now due, they would soon let us know if we owed them any money, good luck tho x

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