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Done too much today i should have stayed at home and sat on sofa all day but i promised my little grandsons i would go over to see them today as my daughter bought them a wii fit and they wanted to show me how they do their exercises bless them i couldnt let them down so drove over at 10.30 and got back at 2.45 it hour round trip but then my little doggy wanted his food which then is followed by awalk only 5 mins up road but felt like a route march !!!

my legs were like jelly and were burning my arms were hurting too which didnt help when rusty saw a lirttle cat !!! and i nearly went flying as he decided to take off lol

then i forgot my daughter gave me a letter to post om way home ! yep you guessed it forgot it was in my bag it was very importent so had to go today the post is emptied at 6 pm so now home on sofa will get coat on bout five snd do it then as it is pouring with rain now too we are all cosy me and rusty he is laid next to me prob dreaming of that dam cat lol

do you know i think i am gonna go put my heating on for a few mins as when you sit you get cold

love to you all diddle x

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time to post that letter diddle! xx


lol thankyou it done bless for reminder though love diddle x


All the best diddle your doing realy well

all the best to you

Gentle soothing hugs



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