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What a day so far!!!!

Well drove to my mums in my trusty fiesta took the dogs out fed me rabbits and just going to start to drive home noticed the fuel gage was well on the red phoned hubby and he said the pump was playing up and there was plenty of fuel!

fine i thought so started off

now my house is only about 3/4 miles and as i was aproaching the swing bridge by penzance harbour the car stopped!!!!!!!

luckely one of our frinds was working on his boat and helped push the car onto the slipway which is used for the cafe, and he dropped me home!!!

well at least its not raining!!and im not in major pain today,so you gotta laughxxxx lots of love stephxxxxxx

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omg, i would of died off lol. Its a good job someone was there to help you.

hugs, kel xxxx


that sounds like my partner light flashing away but no its ok i always say when he leavrs dont call me if you break dpwn i warned you lol i always have at least quarter of tank as you never know you may have to do midnight dash which i have twice when my daughter was in labour lol love to you and glad you sorted it love diddle x


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