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Emerging from cover

hi all i haven't been on the site all week as i have been so low. my teeth have gone to abscess, i cant eat i feel so sick and the double dose of antibiotics is taking its time i can tell you i have been in my bed for most of the week as to do anything takes more effort than i can give.

i go to see the dentist again tomorrow but i have the feeling its going to be a hospital job as my jaw is so painful i cant open my mouth.

all in all not a good week thanks for letting me moan

hope you are all as best you can be

soft hugs xx

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Oh you poor thing quine. How awful. Could you not get in to see your dentist today? As an emergency.

Feel free to moan as much as you like.

Let us know how you get on.......

Hugs Sue xxx


oh sue if it would be helpful i would go but they really cant do anything until this swelling goes down and it is going but ever ssoooooooo slowly xx


Sorry quine you are having an awful time God love you, you moan all you want that's what all your friends on here are for we care and love each other as this is something we all go through I hope you soon get some relief. I will be thinking about take care lots of gentle hugs squidley


on dear that sounds awl you poor thing you get yourself to dentist and gp bless and get it sorted no wonder you felt ou tof sorts love to you diddle x


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