Going back to bed......didn't take the right tablet last night, instead I took a flipping anti inflammatory, wondered why it was the wrong colour, just thought the drug makers forgot to paint it!!!! Then discovered what I did this morning.

So annoyed with myself!! Blonde moment though!!!

I hate not being able to sleep, doesn't help when your husband thinks the whole bed is his!!!! Idiot!!!

Night xx

3 Replies

  • Awww night rachel,

    God knows how you managed to take wrong tablet, what a wolly lol.

    I hope you get some sleep today hun and hope tomorrw will be better. :)

    You will never do that again will you.

    I hope you now have the bed to yourself. :)

    hugs, kel xxx

  • lol i dont have that problem i kick my partner out the front door every night to go back to his house lol bliss would recommend it enjoy your zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz love diddle x

  • Haha like it!!!! xx

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