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Why did i make plans??

Sleep? Can anyone tell me what it is?

Another night (despite strong meds) of very bad sleep. What is it with these nightmares? The counsellor said it sounds like PTS and something must have triggered it off bt of course thats another lot of CBT for another time) all i know is its not letting me have even an hour or so of good sleep.

And looks lie my son wont be working cos of the weather and i agreed to babysit for a couple hours a very energetic 18mth old boy. But i cant let my friend down as she has a funeral so no point me staying in bed.

Hopefully will try nap later.

Hoping you all have a relatively pain free day.


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Sending you warm hugs and hope its not so hard a day for you xx I got about two hours last night so know how you feel!

Take care x


Thanks kittycat :)

Its Getting better already, I didnt have to babysit in the end (phew was dreading it as love little un to bits but he wears me out), so sorted my sons passport and college course for my daughter, posted them off got few bits at shop, put dishes in to soak, load washing on, told my son as he has day off (why? not raining, yesterday lashed down working out in it til 6pm?) he can do dishes and stairs as his job but i been doing for weeks and he can brush out all his cats hair from carpet leaving me to relax with my games and sleep if and when i can.

Well thats the plan lol.

Hoping you have good day too. xx


Hi Chris, would ya believe it, he actually did except for sweep the carpet, still 2 out of 3 aint bad and he cooked his own tea too.

Course could be cos i paid for his passport today lol. I didnt get any sleep as the little boy i was gonna look after wanted to see me so my neighbour rang to ask me in, couldnt really say no,

But hopefully rain will keep off tomorrow so i can get to the little town not far from me as that is the plan tomorrow, but gotta go no matter what as need the bank.

Hope you had a reasonable day.

hugs to you.

kia xx


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