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Do you know it is true what they say you can have all the monry in the world but health is o much more important to have i used to be in a marriage where money was no object i had anything and everything i wanted i was a very lucky girl BUT i wasnt happy and he has affairs i left hi and ended up with what he earnesd an hour i had a week to live on

i thought i would never survive but i did and was so much happier too

i was just thinking about my life a while ago as you do at times and it wouldnt matter if i was with him still and had all that money or had 10 p left in my purse every thursday til my next lot of money cones in

it wouldnt help my fibro would it so why do people always think money is the be all and ensd all i always say a long as my bills are paid and my rent and food in the cuboards thats all that matters and if you are lucky enough to havre your health then you really are lucky

love to you all diddle x

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Its all very true. Our health is our wealth :-)


Yes you are right but all guys are not like him and one who has fibro like you could help even more.


So true, money can't buy u happiness or ur health. Did ur illness start after breakdown of ur marriage. Just asking cos thats when I 1st started getting pains that were later diagnosed as fibromyalgia. Il never 4get the 1st pains I took and remember exactly where I was even though now I walk in2 my kitchen & 4get what I went in 4 or start conversation & have no idea what I was going 2 say as soon as I start talking. Does any1 else find that. Soft hugs 2 u all, Michele


Michele, I do that all the time. I am forever going into a room and thinking what did I come in here for or forgetting where I left my handbag/keys etc and then get worn out trying to find them. Starting conversations and losing your thread half way through is another one. Its all very frustrating. I wonder if we'll ever get to the bottom of it but I am sure that there must be an answer.


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