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Stress! Stress and more Stress!!

Not sure how long computer will stay connected as having major problems at the moment.

Not helped by having to take a lovely cocktail of pills to keep from crying in pain as under a lot of stress and having such bad repetitive nightmares i am having to wake myself up and as we all know getting sleep in the first place is hard enough. But sleeplessness and stress causing real bad flare up.

Had counselling today and planned on popping in shop on way home and trying to tidy a bit, bt got caughtin downpour and had a bad breathing attack, so by time i got home was shattered again.

Not being helped by none of my family understanding yet again how bad i can get and putting all there probs on to me.

So im going to hibernate for a few days away from people just so i can get back to having enough energy to cope with my days.

My counsellor says I have to be firm with myself and put myself first and if my family dont like it well its their problem.

Hoping you all get a reasonable painfree rest of the week.

hugs to everyone

kia xx

PS diddle like you i have to find a new sweet treat, had carrot cake made for me and my son along with a ginger cake, he has managed 2 pieces of caqrrot cake, the rest is now gone. How do i explain i had 5 pieces today lol?

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i think thats the hardest thing isnt it ,trying to make sure you come first ,

i do hope you can find some you time so you can cope a bit better in the days to come

gentle hugs xxxx


Thanks Lynz.

same to you. xx


well, sorry about all,your probs with family at min i am lucky with mine but we arent all the same are we i dont know how i would be if mine turned their back on me but at least ou got a family in all,of us we are all here for you , you know that dont youm?

ah the cake well from omeone who has just demolished whole apricot/cream roll i cant really comment ! actually you eat the lot you deserve it and any way i jus had my friend round she aint seen me for 2 weeks she said my god you are so tiny you really are so there you go i am trying to fatten myself up lol thatsmy excuse love to you diddle x


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