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I feel drunk because ive not slept!

If only I felt this way because I had had a nice vino or something, instead its because ive had about 4 hours sleep in 3 nights. I close my eyes n relax then my whole body goes on a twitching frenzy! once thats subdued I may pass out for 20 mins to an hour if im lucky, My eyes dont focus and dance over the pages im trying to concentrate on, my mind is racing with all the things I WANT TO DO all except sleep! HEELLLLLLPPPP! Im fed up with laying awake all night long but too exhausted to come down stairs :(

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Hi Flips,you are now what is known as sleep deprived and the feeling drunk! well you are.Punch drunk that is.

If I were you, and I get like this often,is just stay where you are and catnap if you can.Don`t feel guilty just because it`s daylight.

Sleep when you can get it.You need it.

Just be kind to yourself Hugs Butterfly xxxx


lol you should read some of blogs over the last few days i have been the same now for few weeks cant sleep tried evrything got really bad last night but one member was so kind and pulled me out of my horrible place i was in and thanks to them and their message i feel bit better in myself today i am in pain and not sleeping but state of mind is better love to you diddle x


Thanks guys. Im in the middle of decorating my new house and despite fatigue, pain etc... im struggling through...well what else do I have to so? only a single mum with various pets but hey lol 1000mg of Paracetamol 4 times a day (sometimes manage just 3), my Naproxin 3 times a day and 12 hour release Tramadol. Its the Tramadol that keeps me from crying! and no sleep, so plenty of time to wield a paintbrush lol, Just wish my spondilitis and tenis elbow would buggar off too! xx


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