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chair zumba

well i watched a zumba display the other day and was so impressed with the teacher, i asked her if there was something i could try, i cant stand for long so thie dancing was way over my head, she said try zumba gold, some are for suitable for disabled people, i searched for it on the web and this chair zumba came on. wow i cant do much excercise with my fibro, but i played it and learnt a few of the moves and its great, i have to keep stopping and i continue again when i can but ive done it a couple of times and love it and it makes me feel that i achieved something, I cant do some moves and no way will i ever be able to do the whole thing in one go but felt my heart pumping 1st time in ages hugs to all x

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Thanks so much for that bruiser,I have been looking for something I could safely do,and at my pace,not a class.

Have added a few to my favourits.

Love and Hugs Butterfly xxxx :-)p


Have you got a link to an online workout I can do from a chair?


i just put in zumba gold and there was a selection of thing also chair zumba there is a load on you tube just take your pick, if we all do one we can put on our own display lol

hugs to all

sorry not clever enough to put links on the page xx


wow that sounds really great i used to love to dance and do yoga am gonna check it out and give it ago love to you diddle the dancing queen again xxx


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