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Dear friends of pain: every now and then I read your comments and events about you pains, sorrows and joys of everyday life. I want you to know that like you I am in a lot of pain and Etc.etc., and two weeks ago I went into Interstitial cystitis, which is Characterized by the Presence of a chronic Inflammation of the bladder wall with myositis (muscle tissue of Inflammation) That painful determine to pressure in the bladder wall. It manifests as chronic pelvic pain, along with a desire to urinary frequency, (painful urination), I’m with antibiotics. I dare to say that behind the FM there are many complications in the organism and we cannot let pass without visiting a doctor. I had two weeks in despair, anguish, but reading you I know I am not along thanks to all you!!! Nice day.

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Hi Juliaanne,

Sounds just awful and very painful. Hope the antibiotics clear the Interstitial Cystitis up very soon.

You're definitely not alone and very welcome here.

Sue x


Thank you Sue, you are so nice. Julianne x


Oh thank you :) I didn't spell your name right in my first post, sorry abut that. I gave you another 'a'. :)

Sue xx


Ouch, sounds very uncomfortable and miserable. Good thing when stuck on the loo - take your laptop and chat to us. Might not be the nicest scenario until the antibiotics kick in, but might cause a giggle along the way. Hugs to you. Hope this particular misery clears up soon xx


Thank you Julieru, Julianne x


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