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i was thinking about my diognosis

and i dont actually remember a defining moment when my GP said "you have definately got fibromyalgia", i was also diagnosed with hypothyroidism, had tests to back that up, but i have looked at all the symptoms for both and some of the ones for fibro are a bit muddled.i am in terrible pain getting around everyday, but not sure about the "pressure point" thing, i know some symptoms can be caused by both thyroidism and fibro so can see its a bit difficult, but i cant treat or help the fibro properly if it isnt fibro, am a bit foggy so hope it makes sense, i wasnt sure where to post this on here, or thyroid site, but any help i would be grateful. thanks, xx

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I been positivly diagnosed with syrinomyelia, probable cfs and fibro as the symptoms are all similar I dont know which illness is causing what


i do sympathise, its so muddling, and its hard to know if my thyroid meds are working, its hard to know whats doing what Lally, no wonder we are foggy!lol, hugs xx


hi i agree with jules you must go back to gp and get referred to rheumatologist my gp diagnosed me 99% but she wanted a rheumy to 100% confirm it good luck to you diddle x


thank you so much Jules and Diddle, i will definately do that, i need to know whats what. love and hugs to you both.xx


Hi susie,

I am a person who needs answers for everything and explainations etc..

Someone told me that i might never understand everything that is going on and having multiple things wrong i might never find out whats causing what.

I was devasted at the fact that i just couldnt tell, but now i have excepted the fact that i will not find out and it doesnt matter what the label is, its the symptoms that you need to get sorted if you can.

If that makes sense lol, i am so useless at explaining my self.

hugs, kel xxx


No Kel, i understand, its the fibro language i think , a bit muddled but we get there, thanks, love and


hi there susie59....i agree with the other guys on here...get a second opinion...ihave underactive thyriod and defenetly got fibro as thyriod was diagnoised about 3 yrs ago...(i feel ive had the symptoms all my life..bein cold , fallin out etc etc )i was diagnoised with fibbro about 9 months ago and im still feelin very upset about everyhting...ive had 2 cut my hours right down at work coz im in 2 much pain and cant social life has taken a nose dive 2 coz half the time im not well enough 2 do anything.......basicly i think im tryin 2 say u r not alone..all this(i have quite a few other ailments as well!!)is hard 2 come 2 terms with...i keep tellin my self a day at a time.i hope ur 2nd opion helps u and i hope u feel better very very soon .hugs and wishin u luck xxxxxxxxxx


aw thanks for your kindness and reply, i know what you mean, i am finding it all very upsetting and over whelming, one minute , we think we will get better, then we realise we wont, i mean we will have better days,

but it sort of changes everything, apart from the pain, i am sorry you have other things wrong with you as well, i have copd, (lung disease)

your right though, at least we arent alone, i know we do feel it sometimes, but its good to know this site is here . look after yourself, sending love and hugs, Sue.xxxx


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