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At last a rest!

After working myself way too hard and getting no support or understanding from my employer my G/P signed me off work for a month to be reviewed and possibly extended further, feels like a weight has been lifted and i can concentrate on getting better and enjoying a well earned rest!!! warm hugs to all who responded to my plight on here from last night and to all others struggling with fibro and related issues xxx

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Aw Delia, I can just imagine the relief you must be feeling at being away from your work situation, I have been there myself. Just concentrate now on yourself and what you need to do to get yourself well. Take care, Angela xx


Thankyou so much,means a lot,especially to be understood finally, from others going through or who have been through this Take care too xx


i do hope so i really do! i am currently on Gabapentin 900mgs a day,Lofepramine highest dose allowed and Co Codamol when needed, certainly would like to try some sort of meditation as i find it hard to sit still for long enough to really appreciate feelings of deep relaxation, i've heard a good massage is beneficial i'm going to make enquiries! wish i had a jacuzzi or hot tub would be great for the muscles and aiding sleep! Thankyou.much appreciated P.S i see my G/P in 2 wks time for a check on how i'm doing!


Hi Della,

Brilliant that you've got signed off from work. I think that in itself will take a lot of strain off you.

A gentle massage would probably help, I have a kind of massage, it's the Emmet Technique - the woman gently 'presses' on my muscles, hard to explain :) but she plays a cd very quietly which is lovely and I nearly fall asleep. :)

How do you find the Gabapentin? I take 900mgs before I go to bed and they help me sleep. When I first got them I took them during the day and couldn't stay awake so as I work, I can't take them in the day time.

Enjoy your time off work, I'm sure it will make all the difference.


Sue xx


Hi there,i'm on 900mgs Gabapentin too and yes normally they help me sleep also, i find it quite good and my G/P really pleased they help especially with the sleep aspect of things he believes that getting quality restful sleep is a key factor in the management of Fibromyalgia i do often feel spaced out on them which i quite like especially if i'm having a bad day! Hugs back to you! Della xx


That's exactly what the consultant said to me at the sleep clinic.

Mine was really given to me for my restless legs, I got Ropinirole and that worked for a while and then seemed to stop working as well so I got the Gabapentin and they really do help me but there are some people on here who don't have such a good experience of them.

I used to sleep about 3 or 4 hours a night but with the Gabapentin I get a really good nights sleep but boy do I ache when I wake up in the morning. Like everyone here. At least I wake up every morning eh lol. That's a bonus.

Hugs Sue xxx


Lol! yes that's a bonus! Restless legs does my head in! xxx


well done you now you concentrate on you and dont worry about work you are free to do what you want now ie getting your strenghth up and adapting love to you diddle x


Is such a relief i can tell you! Love and Hugs xx


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