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Hello fello fibro sufferers!

Hi I am just writing to say hello!

I have until now been on the Thyroid version of healthunlocked as I was convinced that this was my problem due to strong heriditory evidence. A whole hostof blood tests have however pronounced me Normal! I have however been diagnosed as having fibromyalgia and vit d insufficiency. I am currently living on codydramol and duluxotine. They help a bit but not with nausea and hot sweats. I think they just take the edge off the pain and give me some felling of having energy. Although I am wrecked by the afternoon and ready to collapse. I have a host of aches and pains mainly radiating from my spine and lower back. I am currently working as a doctors receptionist and also selling cosmetics from a well known brand. I have two children, an annoting ex husband and a wonderful husband who is my right arm most of the time. I like to try and keep busy just to prove to myself I still can but it is becoming more and more difficult week by week. Somedays I do not know how I get out of bed. I am concerned that my son aged 6 is probably going to end up with this diagnosis as he displays a lot of the complaints I always had as a child and still do. He often finds havnig his hair washed painful and is clumsy etc. I wonder if anyone else has seen fibro in their or other children?

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Hello, great to have you on the site. I would say that I used to be like you and try and keep going and going until I got to the stage one day my body gave up on me and however hard I tried I could not get out of bed. I try and pace myself now as advised and do a little each day and rest in between rather than keep going until I drop. Even so, there are days when I have to admit defeat and do nothing.

I don't have children so I can't comment on that but I suspect my Mum may have had fibro although she was never diagnosed with it because she complained about a lot of the things I complain about now. She blamed the poor dog for sleeping on her leg when she couldn't walk when she got out of bed lol .

Anyway, be good to hear from you again soon. Take care, Angela x


glad you found us everyone is lovely here and you learn a lot from everyone

hope you like it as much i do xxxx


Hi and welcome to the site, it is a fantastic site and very friendly and very helpfull. I beleive my mum had fm too, she would always complain about the pains in her legs and her arms and her back, but she always worked hard rite up until she was 70yrs then she got diagnosed with aggressive alzimers bless her, also my daughter has been suffering with her shoulders and back for the last few years just made me think coz thats how i started with pain in my shoulder and down my back, and hers is reaccuring, aww just made me think about that ....... ohh i hate fm :-( ..... love and gentle hugs to you all xxxx


Thanks for replying :) Everyone seems lovely xx


hi and welcome i hopre thatyou find the help and support on here that you need love to you diddle x


Hi asbrooke,

Welcome to our lovely community. :)

I have thyroid problems aswe as fibro and loads of other things.

I got fibro due to my second daughters traumatic birth and i asked the doc to see if holly had fibro too as she is so clumsy, she always complains her legs hurt, she crys when i brush her hair, there are loads of things. She is also 6. The gp told me that it doesnt effect young children it is usually teenagers but i dont beleive her.

I have hypermobility so it could be that but i am going to mention it to her orthapedic surgeon when i see him at the end of the month.

Its horrible to think that one of children has this, i hope you find out what it is.

Hugs, kel xxxx


Thanks again for your replies. Yes I do take adcal d3 which concerns me slightly as when I was pushing for the blood test I was told my calcium and bone profile was normal so I hope not to have too much calclium on my next test as I have read abit about parathyroid and too much calcium is very bad for you.

Unfortunately working in a doctors surgery doesnt really help with my illness as I have never told them. I dont want them to treat me any differently. I have unfortunately seen how sometimes a diagnosis is considered something given to those who are considered "the worried well" or even a hypochondriac!! If only they knew. I forgot to take any pain meds at bed time last night had an awful nights sleep. I feel like poo today! I was very glad when the girl who mids my children while I work called in sick so at least I can feel sorry for myself for the day.


I saw this on the thyroid site - thought it made quite interesting reading:



Hi asbrooke,

Welcome :). Regarding your 6 year old son. My son who is now 10 finds having his hair washed, dried, brushed very painful. He is also very clumsy, forgetful, disorganised (dyspraxia), complains with leg pain(hyper-mobility). He also has Autistic spectrum disorder. Take your son to your GP who will be able to refer your son to a Paediatrician where they will be able to help.

Hope you're having a good day. Gentle hugs :)

Glenda xxx


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