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I often think to myself if it was one of my close family memebers who had this awful fibro and they looked how i did their normal selves and you could not really see any signs of them beoing different to how they wre a few years ago , what would i think about them and fibro?

now i can honestly say i think i would definately struggle to understand it and i think i would honestly think it may be in their head or are they making it up how can anyone have all these symptons ?

So i can get why our friends and family struggle can you ?

and you sit and really think about it and i think if you were truely honest with yourself you would think the same as me even though on the other hand you know your fanily memeber would not for the worlsd make it up you would struggle to understand fibromyalgia and we all struggle to understand it so what chance have those got to understand wh havent got it ?????

justa thought really ?

love to you all now off for the day on the sofa love to you all diddle x

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Hi diddle what you have said makes perfect sense. :)

I am the worlds worse at explaining my pain and i just get on with it. I have my smiling mask on all the time outside if possible. I hate whinging all the time plus if i did i just think people would roll their eyes as i would be at it all the time.

My friends dont ask how i am but if there is only one chair they will always give me it etc.. So i do know they think about me.

If i say that i cant come out they used to bug me but now they understand that i will if i can so they dont bug me no more.

Good post diddle.

hugs, kel xxx


So true xx


ive always said that too I struggle to understand it, I find it hard to explain, Ive always kept pain to myself, to be honest Id cope to understand if it was one of my family


Yes i totally understand what you say, but in my mind if i saw any of my friends or family suffer day to day for what ever the reason then i would make steps to find out why they are suffering and do some research into whats wrong, or even if i don't understand it i would still see the pain in them as they try to cope.

My attitude is not great here for the people around us because i have always had problems with my family and my illness, but no matter how anyone is suffering the fact that they are suffering or sturggling mean we owe it to them to help even if we don't understand. We cannot feel anyone elses pain but we can see it through the fact that they are not coping mentally or physically and offer a hand, or a hug or an ear, i don't ask or expect people to understand my illness, just to put up with me while i am ill or leave me alone if they don't like it.


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