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my symptoms are as many of us they are way to many to list most of the time i feel like i moan a lot and feel sorry for my hubby that i end up saying iv had a really good day today . when in truth i never have a good day i think it must be awfull having a wife who is always in pain and saying this or that hurts any of the other suffers have this ? (or am i just feeling sorry for myself today?)

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kaymayes............... i think the exact same.. i keep saying to my husband.. u must hate this life as much as i do.. u have to put up with alot and still work full time shift work... he calls me a few times during the day to see how i am.. and like u i say.. im ok.. cause he must sometimes not wanting to come home if i am having another bad day.. he says he doesnt... and deep down i do believe him because he is so good to me in a understanding way... as wifes and mothers.. i think we spend our lives feeling guilty.. well i do anyway x


thanx for that im glad im not the only one who feels like this have a good night :)x


I'm lucky enough not to have fibro too badly but I get fed up of aches and pains so I've no idea how you ladies cope with it.

I'm sure if you say you've had a really good day, your husband's must be able to tell that you haven't really? They probably know by now how you really feel.

I think we do feel guilty as wives and mothers, all of us, not just us with fibro. It's what we do isn't it :) I'm sure they don't think it's awful having a wife who is always in pain, they probably feel really sorry for you and maybe bad cos they can't help?

Please don't feel guilty, you have nothing to feel guilty about. You can't help having this 'thing'.

Not much help I know but it makes me sad to read these posts, you really can't help being in pain. xxx


ahh! thank you thats a great idea i will do that hope your ok soft hugs xxx


bless you at the end of the day we all feel like that my partner does not live with me been together 8 years he only sits next to me on sofa for 3 hoursa nightthen goes home holds my hand and thats the most he has touched on me sincw ebefore christmas and he is still here bless it must be awful for them but hang in there we all have our days love diddle x


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