foggy days

foggy days

sometimes i do a Diddle and eat all the cakes, sometimes I do a Lally and wear my clothes inside out, sometimes I do a Gypsy and undo my coat in the supermarket because its too hot only to find I have food all down my clothes! Sometimes my little dog washes me before I go out (so reminding me to change) and sometimes she cannot be bothered, and on these occasions I might decide to go shopping or have important visitors. the amount of fog depends mainly on how much quality sleep i have had and how many paracetemol i have taken that day. which reminds me the grandbabies are coming and i ought to change my top again! I put all this chest collection down to the fact that I did not have boobs till the kids left home! no worse than men with facial hair i suppose! hope you all ahd a good rest over easter. i'm off change to walk the pooch (on my scooter). hugs to you all xxxx

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  • yep we certainly all do the same kind of thing lol love to you diddle xxx

  • Aw thats such a cute little dog you have there Gypsy, I'm sure he/she helps you through your dark days, I know mine did when I had him. Take care, love Angela x

  • Angela she helps me find things (glasses, teeth, phone, the usual) gets the paper and post, picks things up off the floor and clears her toys up. Her next trick is to make me a cuppa ......... pigs???.......

    she is such a good natured little thing. did not want another dog, but sure glad i got her now! she is watchin tv at present. I have had many animals and all were different but save the best for last! xxxxx

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