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What to expect?

Hi everyone and i hope youve all had as much of a pain free easter as possible. I am fairly new to this site and dont really write many blogs at the moment cos im too busy reading all yours and shouting out loud at them all "oh my God! Thats me!" After years of pain which is steadily getting worse and lots of other problems which i now know are all down to fibro, i am eventually seeing a rheumatologist soon which i had to change my doctors to get this far! I am slightly worried as i dont know what to expect. My gp is convinced i have fibro and wants to help whereas my old gp was also convinced i had fibro but his solution was to leave me on 4 tramadol a day and there was nothing else that could be done...hence the change in gp! I know for a fact that i have all the pressure points, pain and every blooming symptom going that ive read, but what happens at these appointments? What do i say to the doctor? I woulld be grateful for any advice please. Have a safe, pain free day everyone. x

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glad you asked that question, I m going to ask gp for a referral to rhuemmy,i need to find out if it is fibro for certain


Thank you all for taking the time to reply, i have taken your comments on board and will definately folllow your advice. x


hi and goodluck as others said i was gonna say the sanme as them you get great advice on hre love to youy diddle x


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