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holiday after effects

Came back from first week away since my fibro symptoms started. I had a wonderful time in glorious sunshine in North Devon. Virtually no foggy brain or doing too many daft things. I was fed up because couldn't manage the longish walks I wanted to do but still enjoyed what I could do.

This week though I wondered if it was worth it. I have been completely fogged up and exhausted (this may be partly due to the Hughes) and don't want to anything. Came back fired with enthusiasm to get back to my Slimming Club but that hasn't lasted as last night was fish and chips because I didn't have the energy to even think what to make let alone cook anything. Hubby couldn't because he'd been spending all day catching up on the gardening. It hasn't helped that my backache has come back with a vengeance because I overdid it while we were away.

I was starting to think I'd lapsed into my old friend depression, but it's not as I want to get out and about but I just don't have the energy. My boys and one girlfriend are coming over today and hubby suggested going to the pub for lunch and then a walk, but I shall be foregoing the walk.

It all feels so tedious!


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Hi Caroline,

I had a similar experience after a wonderful week visiting Mum & Dad in Spain last year. The sunshine was so healing, like a great big hug, and it was so nice to get out a few times to go sight-seeing.

However, within days of getting back to chilly old England, my symptoms kicked in like never before, and I was pretty much bed-ridden or confined to lying on the sofa for about a week.

I didn't think I'd especially over-done things while I was away, in fact I'd had a really relaxing time.

Here's hoping you recover quickly. At least treat yourself to going out for lunch, even if you're not up to the walk.


Carolanne. xx


i think once the boys and girlfriend come over it will take your mind off other stuff and hopefully you will fiorget yourself for a while and that will do you the world of good love to you diddle x


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