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off to manchester

im off to manchester to see my oldest daughter and my grandson today ,, i have a list of things to take have packed it all including jasons present ,, now i have to set alarm on fone to remind me when im in manchester as i have ended up in york before today lol ..

so i wish you all a happy easter and hope you all have a stress free time

love to all xxxxx

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lol hope you get there ok ????? you are funny and if you did i hope you found your family ok and not walk into someone random house and sat yourself down lol happy easter to you all love diddle x


Hi Trisha, hope you got off at the right stop and have a super time with your familyx


Hope you made it, enjoy your break. Happy Easter Lou x


wel i made it to and from manchester ,, although i was sent to the wrong train on the way home ,, luckliy i ocd question everyone now lol .jason my grandson and i made cakes cookies and easter eggs we had so much fun but we both had a cry as i was getting out of the car :(

so now its grandson mikeys turn hes here for a week now so lots of jama days ,, ( his mum wont have them lol ) and lots of dr who and movies for us :))) x


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