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Had a sick bug today

Ive had a vomating bug to day which has realy wiped me out. I have been in so much pain all Ive done is stay in bed. every time I get up it feels like my body is being pinched allover my head has been throbing all day and pain killers dont touch it. Over the past few months things have been getting worse in regards to pain. I get so low that all I think about is wanting to die, i no that sounds stupid but i just cant deal with it I used to be active, i loved swimming but i had to stop because my arms and shoulders wouldnt stop hurting. now my legs ach all the time even when i sit down.what with depression and this i cant stand it. sorry for ranting on. just in a mess

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im not suprised you feel low after a sickness bug ontop of fibro!!

try to keep your fluids up hun as that is very important for your health and recovery, and try not to do to much to soon!

and if you carry on feeling that low, please see your doctor and talk to him, maybe get on some antidepressants?

lots love and hugs xxxxx


hi i had sickness bug a few weeks ago it wiped me out for a week. keep yr chin up hunni ,i always log on to this sight wen im feelin low it makes feel better knowing others know how u r feeling.keep warm n get lots of rest with lots of warm drinks xxx


yep my youngest grandson had that few days ago and then the eldest then my daughter was here yesterday and said she felt sick so its doinfg its ounds yuk hope you better today ove o you diddle x


Hi cleaner,

No wonder you are feeling awful. :(

The sickness bug is awful for fibro. All my family had a really nasty one last year all at athe same time. I was supposed to be the mother and look after them but like you i just couldnt move so dad (even though he had it too) had to take over.

If i hear of anyone with it now i keep my distance.

Hope you feel better soon, sending a big gentle hug.

kel xxx


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