Wonderful weather

Hello Everyone,

I do hope you have been able to appreciate the glorious sunshine we have had these last few days.

I myself did manage to get the sunbed out in garden with help of a neighbour with my book, ipod (other mp3 devices are available), and plenty of padding to go around me to be comfortable.

My best wishes go to those who couldnt get out there. I did miss it all on Wednesday though.

Gentle hugs and best wishes to you all

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  • Morning Jennie,

    Glad you managed to get out in the sunshine, it will have done you good. They say it's going to snow now lol.

    I was outside because I'm a childminder and my little one was playing out in the garden. I can't relax of course, I have to keep both eyes on her and have eyes in the back of my head too but I felt much happier in the sun.


    Sue x

  • The sun really helps which means that we are all craving Vitamin D.

    I am on Vitamin D Supplements and have to say, feel a lot better than I used to.

    Vitamin D deficiency can cause no end of problems and I'm beginning to believe Fibro may be caused by a deficiency....

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