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How are we Fibro Sufferers supposed to attend all the different appointments/Tribunals Etc?,

when we are unable to function minute by minute let alone hour by hour I want to powers that be " PLEASE CURE ME" So that I can go to work, I didn't wish this dreadful condition upon myself and I desperately want to get rid of it so I can resume a normal way of life instead of the hell that I am experiencing.

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Last two I went to I had to ring them and say there's no way I can get to them, they'd have to come to me - and after much wriggling around trying to force me to get there, with threats of benefit stoppage if I didn't attend, I said well OK they could stop my only income, but I will be right on the phone to my solicitor, citizens advice and the local press and TV.

They came to me at home. I still am on benefits


I couldnt walk to my last medical so they stopped my benefit for 2 months before i won the appeal. Simply cos they have automated cancellation on phone, i did cancel and filled in form immediately to explain why but they told benefits i just didnt attend so was told i am fit for walk. Had to fight hard to get benefits reinstalled. Only way i can get them to come here is if my doc writes a letter but she not that symapthetic, saying the exercise will do me good.


They have to come to you if you are unable to get to them.

They don't like having to come out of their office so they will kick up a stink but I think it is in the rules that they have to come to you.


I don't think this applies just to people with FMS, there must be alot of other similar conditions where people think exactly the same as you do !!!!


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