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Why is everyone moaning (not on here by the way0)about omg i will lose an hours sleep!!!! even my partner left half hour early last night so he did not lose so much sleep (Awww bless) not

.i wish i could get few hours sleep any way i could ARGHHHHHH i went to bed at 11.00 pm and was still shuffling about at 2.30 must have dropped off lighgtly about 3.30 am and woke at 4.15 am as if it was time to get up so i did !!!!

whats the point in laying there sleep was not gonna be my friend so here i am drinking tea on here ,doggy soundo in his basket 9lucky little boy) birds are singing outside so now gonna take my little man up the road( the dog that is) not my partner hope you all had restful night especially after losing an hour lol love diddle x

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Morning Diddle,

I'm wide awake too...stiff as a board and waiting for sunrise...seems like the middle of the night! My dog opened one eye and shuffled around as if to say 'don't you dare disturb me'.

Big day man's b'day...surprise party for I completely insane?

Lets hope the sun is shining when it eventually wakes up :)

Take care xx


Just taken my dog up the top of road and back lol all of 5 mins felt like 5 miles , jus cant believe how stiff i am !!! oh you are in for a nice day jus try to pace yourself and get some help and take it when its offered you will enjoy it , trouble is we know we will pay for it, you ake care love to you Diddle x


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