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Feeling one of those days coming on :(

Here i am back in bed after quite a decent nights sleep been up for an hour and just getting my son of to school has left me shattered , I was so relieved last year when i was diagonised with fibro ( i had never heard of it then ) I honestly thought i had cancer or something and i was dying with the way i feel but my relief has turned to frustration living each day in pain and tiredness , Feeling really crap today :-( think the stress of my crumpling knee cap is taking its toll and having my esa stopped has made me stress even more .

Just had to blurt out my frustrations on here before i go to sleep again

hope your all ok xx

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yes i was the same thought i had somthing awful cause of how ill i felt and was briefly elated when i got dx, and it is frustrating and we all have bad days its hard to always see the glass half full ,but we all trundle on

tc and gentle hugs :) xx


Am sorry to hear that you're feeling so rough. Just try and get a bit of rest before you tackle the next task. At the end of the day, remind yourself of what you have actually achieved today and pat yourself on the back for getting some stuff done while feeling like shit.

Having your ESA stopped has undoubtedly added to your challenges. Have you appealed?


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