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I thought it was me!

I thought it was me and the fibro fog! last night I made a spag bol. I tasted as i went along and really pleased with it. i then popped out with my daughter for a half an hour and asked my man to cook the spaghetti...not a difficult task! By the time i got back he'd eaten his and commented on the sauce but wondered why it was spicy! It nearly blew my head off! I was wondering what I'd put in...ran through the whole process of cooking in my head and came to the conclusion that I'd added chilli sauce at the last minute. I was too tired to clear up so tackled the washing up just now. There was a bit of spaghetti left in the pan and I picked up a few strands and popped them in my mouth....oh yes...he'd added the chilli to the spag!

To make matters worse I had to give my ear a good scratch and ..yes.. I used the finger that had been in the spaghetti! Now my ear is on fire!

Oh well.... the sun is shining and that's always a bonus.

keep smiling my friends and laugh when you

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lol hopemyour ear is ok bless you goodjob it your ear and not your eye have good day love diddle x


plse ask him why he put chilli sauce in the spaghetti im really intrigued lol

tell me later lol :-D


I did ask and he just thought h'ed try something different! Men! Just glad he didn't give leftovers to the poor dog lol


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