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Hi everyone just to let you all know it was the income support people fault i had no money for 3 weeks !!!!!!!! the lady i callled 3 weeks ago and told her i lived here and have done for 12 weeks didnt send it to the right office so they assumed i had ignored them and stopped my money GRRRRRR, i also wrote a letter and they had that and pop up on screen saying i had called them but she failed to send it (thanks alot elaine!!!!!!) i got a lovely advisor at 6 am this morning called rosie she could tell i was upset probably the constant sobbing noises and i tried to explain myself she said i would have phone call today from bury st edmunds and the monies owed nearly 600 would be in my account by 5pm today and if i have incurred any bank charges to send them up and they would reinburse me in full, within 5 mins of phone call another lady teresa called and apologised and promised that the mory would def be in by 5pm so all is well at diddles house agin and i can afford to eat now lol , but it is just the stress of things like that i just cant handle it any more i spent all last night sobbing on my partners shoulder who by the way offered to lend me money to put in my account until it was sorted and then i dont sleep much any way but at 3 am i was still wound up and tearful so got up at 4 am and had to wait til 8!!!!!! to get it sorted but big thankyou to all my fibro friends on hrere for helping me this morning with your kind messages love to you all diddle x

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Well done diddle you sound like you've had a lot to deal with and it's so anoying when departments do things like this I don't think they realize it's people's lives there messing up not just figures on a screen!!!

But well done for sticking up for yourself and getting it sorted I know how hard things like that can be so you shoul feel really really proud of yourself!!!

Hope you have a nice evening, you deserve it. xxxxxx


All pleased for you! Hope you can now put your feet up and let your lovely partner pamper you for the evening.x


Yeah all sorted thanks for earlier you may not think it but you all really helped to calm me down a bit now off to have a bath and sit and do nothing been awake nearly all night and up since 4 am so ashed out and in pain love to you diddle x


i did tell the lady i was not well and that i had been up all night and padding about since 3 am she sounded really distressed about that genuinly distressed but she really was a lovely advisor she could tell i was upset (just a bit) and she kept me calm and sorted out the mistake so all is well, and there were not anty bank chargess either so that was good, and yes i should have listened to you ( well i did) but i am a natural worrier.

i told my parents last night they told me off for worrying all night and said i should have called them immediatly but my thinking is why worry 3 people when only 1 needs to be worried1 ? it would have spoilt there evenings viewing and there was no point in that .

so i got smacked bum from them too lol love to you auntie chris lol diddle x


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