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horrible bloated feeling

today my stomach feels really bloated. im sure its getting bigger! starting to wonder if something else is going on. feels a bit solid to the touch.

ive been on pregab now for 5 wks and my weight keeps going up and my stomach seems to b getting bigger. anyone else have the same? i need to get the weight off but nothing seems to b working!

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I have the bloating and hardness around my navel ,my doctor says its IBs had bowl check ,said i have extral ong colon hard to clear , yet to go to follow up app its soon :-)


Yes i am tiny and sometimes i look like i have got football or pregnant up my jumper but it not very often jus a flare up of ibs so take my peppermint capsules i got from my Gp and that usually seems to work good luck love to you diddle x


hi Cheri ,asChristine mentioned IBS/wheat allergy,as ive got both i eat a peice of bread the size of a postage stamp and i feal BLOATED, its so annoying when you once had the freadom of food,as ive said to a few info Rheumatology provided me when diognosed explains so much within=

DEVINS DIAGNOSTIC you will find on search good luck,lavender x


HI all,

many tnx for your words, i may see if there is an allergy going on along with the ibs, i hve always had bowel troubles, and yes bread does bloat me, so try to limit it. not sure what next gp could prescribe, have so far had duloxetine, gabapentin, and now pregab!

hugs to all xx


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