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Ear Ache

I know others have mentioned ears hurting, but I'm wondering if this is fibro or something else. I should qualify what I'm about to write by saying that i DO get random flares which will last 6-12 months on small specific areas...

I have really bad ear ache - feels like my face and jaw are going to drop off - right in deep but it's both sides. I find it makes me feel dizzy and queasy, and I also really struggle to get my head in a comfortable position at all. Has been like this getting progressively worse for about 3 weeks.

Just wondering if I should be getting AB's as I actually might have an infection, but it it a common feature of some of us then I'll live it out for a while... Since AB's stop me metabolising my pain meds I'm not mega keen on having them...

All thoughts gratefully received...

Spirit x x x

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Hi i was just reading ur post there and i must say i have been having trouble with my ears aswell.I have a burning right down deep inside like i have an infection and realy sore.I looked this up on some of the other sights and alot of ppl who suffer frm fibro are having experance with it.I got my ears cheq an they cld find nothing rong but wanted me to have a MRI scan but i cldnt go threw with it.Keep us posted as to wat your doctor says...

Take care Xxx


Hi spirit,

What you describe sounds like something like TMJ.

Google it and have a look.

I have sore ears all the time, but with you saying about your jaw, i could be something you can rule out at least.

Hope this helps.

kel xxxx


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