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so, so tired

well another bad night and today I just feel totally wiped my body hurts all over and I'm feeling very low, tears just waiting to flow.

sometimes I just want to shout and scream it's not fair, but then I have to realise that there are so many people so much worse than me, and to stop feeling sorry for myself.

this blog is just to get things off my chest to let my feelings go.

Life sometimes feels too much to bear, but I have fantastic family and friends which makes it worthwhile, an adorable grandson who brings sunshine everytime I see him (which thankfully is often) and the grandaughter who will be arriving in this world this summer, yet more sunshine to look forward to.

Fibro can take so much, things I used to love to do I can no longer.....I miss so much, as do so many of us.

thank you friends for listening

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paula i know how you feel hun ,, ive been so tearful all day ,, my son made me coffee and i was sobbing saying thanks ,,, hs reaction " bloody hell mum its only coffee like " .

yes people are worse off but it dosnt make the pain we feel less and it sure as hell dosnt make our joints work ,,,,

my grandsons are the light of my life ,, for them i can put that happy face on be who i used to be ,,, the hard part is acceptinfg who we are now ,,,,

this takes so much from us but we still have the maiin things our cpacity to care and love xxxxx


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