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another flare up on its way???

After an emotional few days, being strong for others etc I am seeing the signs of yet another flare up.....anyone else recognise the following??

Feeling irrationally angry at loved ones even though they have done nothing wrong and need your support whilst grieving, yet still feeling mad?

Tired, aching all over and unable to get comfortable whether its sleeping, sitting etc?

A headache that just won't shift no matter what you take?

Feeling like you are walking around in a bubble, out of it, feeling like you are going crazy?

Well today was one of those days.......everything aches and i feel irrational, is it me? the pain? of the drugs? not that I take many to be honest because of the side effects........please flare up GO AWAY i just don't have the strength for one right now.... :0(

Oh the joys of Fibro..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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i do issylot i get flare ups a lot n my symptoms r very like yrs ,get lots of rest if possible hunni take care xxxx


Are you in my body ???? lol yes that could be me writing that ha ha it really is awful it such a weird thing this fibro but we just have to get on with it dont we. especially when we all look ok but they cant see the pain can they, oh well hope you have a better day today take care love to Diddle x


Hi issylot,

That is exactly how i feel today, i am full of cold and aching and i can feel me ready to explode.

I am just hoping this site will calm me down and make me feel better before my partner comes home and gets all my frustration, its helping already. :)

kel xxx


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