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Oestrogen versus Testosterone, reason for fibro?

Fibro is a secondary disease to me, I have had it for many years undiagnosed, but one GP told me the same thing that it usually applies to women around the menopause age. I too have gone through it YAY, I almost held a party when I finished my periods, started at 14, 2 weeks per month apart from pregnancies, until I was 50.

They say its 95% female, so I wonder if the men who have it, have a higher amount of hormones/oestrogen? I do hope I haven't offended any men here??? Women can have higher testosterone too, we need it to maintain libido, bone density and muscle mass.

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Hi Sue

I don't know about hormones but interesting point though


Hi Sue,

I have read somewhere ( don't ask me where) that some research has shown that hormones ie the ones you have mentioned may have something to do with FM. It sure is interesting.

I will take a little look today for the research !! x


Hi Sue like you I came off HRT ater 10yrs on I`ve been 3yrs off and can say thats when I really went downhill stamina wise.

But I was diagnosed at 16yrs with fibrositis.the old name for fibromyalgia.

I am 58 now,Ive always said the the years on Hrt were best of my life.

I also have scoliosis nd oesteo arthritis all down my spine.

Doe`s make you think doe`snt it

hugs xxx


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