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help full very

i have discuvered a thing that helps me get through the day an relaxes in the evenings its avalable to ms sufferers in pill form ,iv been experamenting over a month now it aint a cure by a long long way folks but its more efective than the pain killers doc gives me its nateral herbal iv had longer sleep less grouchy ect in fact its livabull still in pain but relaxed,not for every one an by no means am i saying its the right thing for any one to do but if it helps why is it not avalable on script?to full time pain sufferus ,just thought id post my findings incase it helps anyone ,

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What is this livabull and is it safe to take as i take alot of medication from my doctor so i think people who are interested should definately go and see their GP for a chat before they use it. but if it is helping you and the symptons seem a little bit less then thats a good thing take care and love and soft hugs to you Diddle xxx


Hi it's cannabis to b honest with you I find it helps more than the tramadol an dhc I can get at least a few hours of sleep an feel relaxed ,if asked I would recommend it it's safe available but illegal,but if it helps use it,I'm 46 family man but to turn away the relief it gives would be stupid my doctor now's I use it an he recommended it !! Best a luck to you hope it helps,


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