Told off by boss Chorley oops

I must rectify my mistake as chorley s p a i wrote to be here at 8 for 3rd installment unfortunately due to fibro fog ( mine) i was mistaken chorley will be writing the 3rd installment at 8 am but will be posting it at a later time so my sincere alpologies to all those who have made arrangemnts to be here at 8 but it will now happen later i hope this has not disapointed too many of you and once again sorry for any inconvenience love and soft hugs diddle (chorley pa) xx

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  • Blimey and I've been sat sitting here since 6:30am!!!

    You'll be losing some of your points for that Diddle!!! xx

  • Sorry it is the fibro fog but hopefully it will be on here, i blame the author they have awful strops you know these authors love to you xxx

  • Yes, and he's a man too........ xxxx

  • I also have a PC crash and it has just taken me 20mins to retreive the story AAARRRGGGGG, Yes Sue i am a man well i was when i woke up this morning LOL :)

  • LOL, glad to hear that. Hope the pc is ok.

  • any excuse a bad workman always blames his tools ! or something like that come on get on with it boss they all waiting your public are all on baiteed breath si make it good love and soft hugs diddle xxxx

  • oh dear jus read that back sorry bout spelling that fibro fog is catching must have got it off one of you lol love diddle xxx

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