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Things can only get better ??!

isnt that a song ha ha .well i hope they do, it pays you never to plan anything it always goes wrong and you end up dissapointed, never mind i have just put my mask on but don't upset me today as i not in good mood now lol (not all you on here) i mean peiple outside my door in general take care have good day everyone and love and soft hugs to you all now off to sort out car/housing benefit and anything else that feels like upsetting my day today oh yeah that right FIBROMYALGIA!!! love diddle xxxx

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Go get em girl! :) love to you too xx


Hope things go well for you and it turns out to be a good day x


Aww diddle hope that goes well for you, it did not go well for me yesterday and then washing machine broke just to top it off. But hey the sun is shunning and my 67.50 in benefit will get me so much pleasure lol


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