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Hi all,

Hope you all had a fairly restful night.

Did anyone practice with the choccy biscuit? I had none so I dont know if I could.

After reading the info about medication I am going to talk to my doctor. I am on the stronger co codomal plus others. See if they offer me anything else. I must admit sh didnt seem very interested .

I have got to drive down to Devon from Wirral tomorrow cos my youngest daughter is goinig thro a real bad time. She has asked her husband to leve cos he told her he has never loved her after 10 years of marraige. I just hope I feel ok to do it. There are 2 babies involved. I could commit murder! It makes me feel so ill but have to be strong for her and the babes.

Taake care all of you.

Lots of gentle hugs.X

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Poor you what a lot to have to deal with, and your poor daughter, my heart goes out to her.

Good luck with the drive, take plenty of rest stops if you need them. I hope you get there without suffering to much pain but if not take it out on her husband!! Gentle hugs and positive thoughts. xx


Dear Twiglet

Many thanks for your kind thoughts.

That last thought would be very satisfying!!

Take care Hun.

Gentle Hugs XX


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