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Another blood test

Hey guys,

Just had a phone call telling me I need to go it hospital to have a SSD test done because I have low cortisol, which can cause fatigue. I am so unbelievably excited that some of my fatigue might be down to actually something and they might able to treat this!!! I hope it is and I hope it treatable!!

Anyways, I shouldn't be blogging I should be getting ready for uni whoop whoop. Apparently I got up twice in the night to pee, I only remember once, and I didn't realise I had such a weak bladder... Another darn syptom.

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Hi Cxs, just wanted to say good luck with the blood test :)

My arm looks like a pin cushion with the amount of blood tests i have to go for LOL :)



Good luck, fingers crossed it will sort your fatigue out as i think that is the worst symptom.

Kel xxx


Thank you for everyone's comments :) Fingers crossed it goes ok. apparently i will be there for an hour, blood test followed by injection followed by later another blood test "/


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