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silently screaming!

If I had the energy I'd be screaming today.I was mentally going through my today to see exactly which parts hurt...answer is everywhere apart from my waist....yet for some stupid reason I just nod and smile when asked how I am. i just want to curl up in a ball and sleep for 8 hours without being woken bu itching or pain or night sweats or bad dreams.

Sorry, not usually a whinger but today has really got to me!

Sweet dreams everyone and have a good night x

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hi bumble my heart goes out to you, sorry u feel so crap. never say sorry or think youre whinging, we are all in the same boat. hope u have a better day tomorrow, at the moment flare up is bad and my prolapsed disc is playing up. its good to chat with folks who feel the same, all the best x


@Bumble, never feel bad for whinging, sometimes we cannot help it but have a shout and scream about pain.

I too get the itching, night sweats, lack of sleep is common for me, even with 2 sleeping tablets, I rarely get more than 5-6 hrs sleep. I get up many nights and come down on my stair lift and sit here on the comp. Thankfully we do have a spare bedroom so if I am tired by restless I go in there. Dog beside me, snoring lol. {{{{gentle hugs}}}}}


dont be silly you never have to apologise on here this is one place we all know exactly what you mean bless you it is awful when you hurt all over and someone asks and you just mention one part that is in pain and not all of it why do we do that/ love and soft hugs Diddle xx


Bumble, I do the same as I cannot be bothered explaining myself every time. I'm still in bed trying to stay awake as Sunday is Family day in our house. It's a major struggle surviving on 3 hrs sleep (if I'm lucky) n maintaining a 'normal life' but as they say you should try to make the best of a bad situation. There is no way you have to apologise....n you are not Fibromyalgia Huni's have to put up with SO much on a daily basis that sometimes the load gets too much. Spiritual hugs x x


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