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That time again

Well it's getting to that time of the day when it's nearly bed time I dread this every night as I know it will be yet another sleepless night I just wish there was something I could use or do to help but even doctors say they can't give me sleeping tablets as there to addictive ( ain't everything if you have to much ) so if there's people out there with this same problem or anyone who can help then please let me know I'd be grateful for any help I can get

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Just to say I'm sorry you are dreading going to bed, knowing you won't sleep.

Hope someone call come up with a bit of help for you.


or even 'can' come up........


Well here's hoping then this has been the case for the last few years and to date nothing has help


hi david, i only sleep because i have afew drinks, its not the answer but the reprieve for a short time is good, i wish u well x.


Hi there,

I was just as bad, even sat up downstairs most of night so didnt wake my partner up.

It got that bad that i just couldnt take it nomore and said i needed something to my gp, she gave me amitriplyn and i sleep 8 hours solid at least, its great.

It proberbly is addictive but i would rather that then no sleep again.

I have been on it now for about 2-3 years.

It also helps with some pain too. It is worth a shot.

Warning though some people get groggy in the morning but i never have.

hope you get some sleep soon.

kel xxx


I was on amitryptalene for over two years and didn't work so now I'm on this other tablet and as well as pain killers nothing is working and there is nothing stronger than the zomorph that I am on just feel like giving up


Sorry amitriplyn didnt work for you.

I am also on gabapentin which helps with nerve pain and it makes you sleepy have you tried that?

kel xxx


I've tried so many different things now I don't know what I've had although I did have one tablet the beginning of last year and it made my heart race so fast I expanded up in hospital I had then just had my second op on my aorta which ruptured in 2009 hence any pain in my chest is very scary for me


I'm another who finds sleep difficult . Last few nights I've slept 1 or 2 hours at most . I'm giving in tonight and taking a sleeping pill even though I know I'll feel awful tomorrow.

I've a house move coming up at the end of the week and I need to find some strength from somewhere .

Not much I can suggest , I'm sure you've tried everything ( as most of us have ) . I've had a soak in the bath and a warm drink , I'm going to take a pill and keep my fingers crossed .

Gentle hugs for you



Well I hope that you do get the strength that you need then my doctor won't give me sleeping pills plus I don't have a bath so all I have is a wet room somedays though I could just do with a bath just to ease all these pains away and only to have to get out and then start the whole process of going through pain again


Oh poor you, I couldn't do without my bath . I find it very difficult to wind down and it's mostly my mind that keeps me awake at night . No matter how tired I am , my brain won't switch off at bed time and gets into a thinking loop and then a worrying loop. It's exhausting.

The down side to sleeping pills is the horrible shaky feeling when I wake so last night I tried something less powerful . I got my fiancé to buy some nytol to see if that would work . I did manage to get off to sleep , but couldn't stay asleep . I did manage to sleep a little longer than normal though so that helped.

I was given some relaxation procedures by a psychologist a few years ago and sometimes they help . It's a kind of self meditation or hypnosis , doesn't work if you're brain is really active though.

Is it because of your heart condition you can't take meds ?


Helen x


my doc gives me diazipam as a muscle relaxant and its side effect is it helps me sleep. i am also on dosulepin [equivilent of amitripiline] which does help me a bit but there are still some nights i stay up all night. i dont know why but i sleep better on the sofa with a throw over me and the dog on my lap during the day than i do during the night. dont feel tired now but was awake at 7 this morning. heat pads help [wheat pads in microwave] on sore bits and my daughter prefers the cd player on. my friend uses monks chanting.. [would bore me to sleep but she loves them] and i know others that find meditation amazing but i have never tried it so cant comment. my ex husband only had to look at the first page of a book and he fell asleep and i know reading passes the time for many of us if we are awake at night. my mum has listening books [mp3CDs] which she listens to till she drops off. we are all entitled to join listening books because though they are primarily for the blind they are also available to dyslexics and to people who find holding a book or turning pages difficult and thats about all of us to some degree. there is a small joining fee per year and its a charity. steven fry is a patron and reads a lot of the books to us... he has a beautiful way of sending you off to sleep.

myself i use face book. not for the social media stuff but for the mindless games. i play bejeweled and bubble witch saga and by the time ive played them for an hour of two my mind is blank and ready to switch off the days troubles. each to his own. i hope you find yours. i with you food luck in your good night.


Hi yes i dread bed time as i know i will not get in shut my eyes and wake up with the alarm it really is awful and you get out of bed feeling worse than when you got in and not only that its the pains that you get and the uncomfortable feeling that you should not get in bed even though you have cushions and other squashy soft things around AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! so yes with you on this one take care love and soft hugs diddle xxxx


Well thank you I'm sorry that you have difficulty in sleeping as well as like you I hurt more in the morning and then you just don't know how your going to get through the day but I dont think there is any medication that really helps I take zomorph which has little or no effect at all


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